Lovecraft Country, MA

Inspired by buying the new Arkham Horror LCG, I decided to have a crack at doing a map of Arkham and its surroundings!

Most of the terrain is ‘real’ to the area, but the Miskatonic river and a couple of the other towns are fictional. I had great fun doing this, though it was largely copying from various source material! I need to add a border to this to finish it off and neaten up a couple of little areas, but pretty happy. Really need to work on my letting mind, I think doing it on my knees in front of the TV isn’t helping…

If anyone wants to help with some digital post-processing, let me know šŸ™‚ I’d love to give it a genuine antique look.

Might have to do some more Lovecraft related work in the near future!


Works in Progress

Bit of a progress update! Currently working on three things, but moving house has kinda taken up my whole brain so no time for sitting and doodling.

First up, I’m sketching a stylised version of Hyrule for a friend! Not ready to share this yet, but hopefully I’ll make some progress on that soon.

Next, I’ve been working on a cheese map of Scotland… I started this ages ago with some research on types of cheese, but picked it back up again recently to continue inking it. Needs some finishing off and I need to consider how to do the coast! Cities as well need to go on, but I’ve not really left enough room for them anywhere…

I realise this isn’t IMAGINARY CARTOGRAPHY as such, being as Scotland is largely real. Please don’t write in to tell me.


Other map is my own version of the world map from the Elric series. This is still early days, needs a lot more detail added (there’s no forests or mountains anywhere just yet, plus loadsĀ of cities/other features). I love the Naval navigation lines, I think this is something I’ll experiment with more in the future (got some reference reading material ready for this area already).

I’d love to do some monsters/ships in the sea too, I’ll need to do some practice on these somewhere too.


Godsport and Environs


Work in progress on a map of Godsport from Clockwerk and some surrounding towns. I’m not a huge fan of how close the large mountains are to the sea to be honest, I think the map could do with having more horizontal space. I would like to represent the plains and fields to the immediate south of Godsport too, I need to think about the best way to do that.

The Brass Road is a clockwork railway that connects Pneuport, the major port in the North, with the more central hub of Godsport. It uses engines powered with a complex system of springs and flywheels to allow huge amounts of goods from outside the kingdom to be quickly and safely distributed. Passengers use it too, and it’s turned hamlets and villages along the route into bustling towns. Guards are always needed on the route, though, as more than one enterprising gang of bandits has attempted to rob the train!

There are several mining towns nearby, such as Trym and Strike, plus the small fishing communities of Tealoe Beach and Mok Bluff which have grown into vacation towns due to their proximity to the large number of travellers visiting Godsport by rail. Minerals mined at Trym are shipped down the river by barge and loaded onto to rail vehicles at Godsport for either export or shipment to the workshops of the South.

I’ll keep working on this and put up a scan when I’m happy!

The Clockwerk Kingdom


This is a sketch I did of the world map for my new D&D 5e campaign. This may not be the final version of the world, and I intend to dive into a very sections and map them out more thoroughly. My next map will probably be of Godsport and the surrounding towns/villages.

Pretty happy with this, few little things I would do differently (Westick is upside down which bugs me every time I look at it) and it needs a border, some embellishments in the water, and possibly a compass rose. If I could draw well that would be a great opportunity to do a complicated mechanical compass! I alsoĀ used the gridded paper as it helps with measuring distances but now wish I’d gone with plain; I can always add the grid on after.

We used Microscope to create the history, and I’m running it more as less as we left it from there. Here’s a little potted history (as I remember it!) from our game:

The Clockwerk Kingdom was founded generations ago after the discovery of a ‘mystical mineral’ that was able to power clockwork devices. Soon every person had in their pocket a perfectly precise timepiece, and fields were being tended by mechanical harvesters.

A strange plague arose which caused flesh and metal alike to rust away; to this day, The Corroded victims of the plague lurk in the corners of the world. The current heir of the ruling family, the Ironkeys, used this spiritual and humanitarian crisis to declare himself the first God Emperor, and so began a long period of theocracy. No magic or technology aside from that achieved through sacred clockwork was allowed and criticism of either church or state was met with swift retribution.

The God Emperors reigned for decades, their bloodline slowly twisted by inbreeding and madness. One even created the sky-piercing Worldspring Obelisk, a huge monument to himself atop a mountain hollowed out with the carving of a representation of the worldspring itself.

(My favourite moment occurred around here: A heretic was executed for their crimes by being fed into the enormous gears that operate the capital city, his blood and life fueling the great mechanism. Grim!)

A worker’s rebellion finally toppled this totalitarian regime, destroying many of the clockwork mechanisms and factories that ran the empire in the process. The royal family were kept on as figureheads for the new government, but had no real power, and support for both the old emperors and the church started to dwindle.

Our campaign is set some time after this; one of a pair of twin sisters has taken the crown and is happy leading the country as part of a constitutional monarchy, while her sister lives in exile and plots the return of the time of the God Emperors. And, in a dark place beyond mortal understanding, a sinister presence shifts; hidden mechanisms, untended for generations, start to tick once again.


Hello everyone!

I’m Peter and I’m wanting to get more into drawing maps. I’ve been meaning to have somewhere online to display preserve some of the sketches I do, so finally bit the bullet and got it set up.

I’m aiming at the moment to stick up a new map at least once a week, though maybe more often when I’m in the swing of things. I’m hoping to experiment with a variety of styles, and it’ll be a mixture of stuff for my various RPG campaigns and things I’ve doodled for fun.

I’d really love to help people with their campaigns if someone wants me to, it’d be an honour. Drop a comment here or tweet me @unitled.