Godsport and Environs


Work in progress on a map of Godsport from Clockwerk and some surrounding towns. I’m not a huge fan of how close the large mountains are to the sea to be honest, I think the map could do with having more horizontal space. I would like to represent the plains and fields to the immediate south of Godsport too, I need to think about the best way to do that.

The Brass Road is a clockwork railway that connects Pneuport, the major port in the North, with the more central hub of Godsport. It uses engines powered with a complex system of springs and flywheels to allow huge amounts of goods from outside the kingdom to be quickly and safely distributed. Passengers use it too, and it’s turned hamlets and villages along the route into bustling towns. Guards are always needed on the route, though, as more than one enterprising gang of bandits has attempted to rob the train!

There are several mining towns nearby, such as Trym and Strike, plus the small fishing communities of Tealoe Beach and Mok Bluff which have grown into vacation towns due to their proximity to the large number of travellers visiting Godsport by rail. Minerals mined at Trym are shipped down the river by barge and loaded onto to rail vehicles at Godsport for either export or shipment to the workshops of the South.

I’ll keep working on this and put up a scan when I’m happy!

3 thoughts on “Godsport and Environs”

  1. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover a railway of some fashion in one of your maps…

    Jokes aside, lovely work as always. Looking forward to seeing some of these in out campaign.

    1. This is a more isometricy style, reckon I’ll take this approach with your map of Hyrule! Need to do some experimenting with that ๐Ÿ™‚

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