Works in Progress

Bit of a progress update! Currently working on three things, but moving house has kinda taken up my whole brain so no time for sitting and doodling.

First up, I’m sketching a stylised version of Hyrule for a friend! Not ready to share this yet, but hopefully I’ll make some progress on that soon.

Next, I’ve been working on a cheese map of Scotland… I started this ages ago with some research on types of cheese, but picked it back up again recently to continue inking it. Needs some finishing off and I need to consider how to do the coast! Cities as well need to go on, but I’ve not really left enough room for them anywhere…

I realise this isn’t IMAGINARY CARTOGRAPHY as such, being as Scotland is largely real. Please don’t write in to tell me.


Other map is my own version of the world map from the Elric series. This is still early days, needs a lot more detail added (there’s no forests or mountains anywhere just yet, plus loads of cities/other features). I love the Naval navigation lines, I think this is something I’ll experiment with more in the future (got some reference reading material ready for this area already).

I’d love to do some monsters/ships in the sea too, I’ll need to do some practice on these somewhere too.


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